Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS)

Stand out and be seen

The Microsoft Office Specialist Program provides industry-leading assessments of skills and knowledge through our new project-based testing, giving students and professionals real-world exercises to appraise their understanding of Microsoft Office.

This guarantees that every certified user has demonstrated the ability to command the full features and functionality of Microsoft Office, preparing them for future academic or workforce opportunities.

Value of Microsoft certification

Microsoft certification gives students and workforce candidates the power to chart their own course, fulfill their ambition, and realize their potential. See the statistics that validate that these certifications give you the tools to build a brighter future and prepare yourself for a successful career.

Microsoft Office Specialist Productivity Study

Microsoft Office Specialist impact

Why are Microsoft Office Specialist certifications so valuable for students, teachers, and school systems? Watch the story of Calloway County High School to find out.

Empowering students and educators

  • For students, Microsoft Office Specialist boosts academic performance and preps them for college and career.
  • For educators, Microsoft Office Specialist courses provide targeted training and support every step of the way.
  • For Administrators, Microsoft Office Specialist improves institutional results.

Tried and true: pathway to success

Through Certiport’s full pathway solution you can prepare your students for the Microsoft Office Specialist certification with tailored learning materials, practice tests, and a performance-based certification exam officially endorsed by Microsoft. Adding these materials into your curriculum is easy and seamless.

Learning materials for Microsoft Office Specialist certifications

Pathway to certification

Preparing your students for certification is a big responsibility, so let Certiport make your job easier and more effective with ACCLAIMED course materials and practice tests.

Watch this brief video to see how Learning Products can work for you.



LearnKey video courseware enhances the learning experience and increases certification exam success. It provides self-paced on-demand video learning material for Certiport’s Microsoft Office Specialist Program. These expert learning solutions are easy to use and interactive, and help prepare students for certification success.

  • Video-based e-learning courseware
  • Interactive labs
  • Prescriptive study guides

Available for: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook & Access

Jasperactive for Microsoft Office

Jasperactive Logo

Founded on CCI Learning’s world-leading content, Jasperactive for Microsoft Office is the world’s first kinesthetic Microsoft Office learning and validation system mapped to the Microsoft Office Specialist certification objectives.

Jasperactive for Microsoft Office focuses on the critical thinking and application of learning Microsoft Office Suite of applications, rather than just learning how to perform functions and accessing features.

Available for 2013, 2016, 2019/365

CCI Learning

CCI Learning Logo

CCI Learning Solutions offers complete solutions for teaching and validating essential skills needed in today’s workplace. As an industry leader, its extensive services and products include pre-assessment software, approved courseware for instructor led classes, e-learning courses and blended training solutions.

Available for: Word, Word Expert, Excel, Excel Expert, PowerPoint, Outlook, Access, OneNote & Office 365


Pearson Logo

Pearson provides quality Career & Technical Education curriculum solutions that prepare students for career and college success. Pearson programs are aimed at helping learners prepare for, and discover, greater education and employment opportunities. We are dedicated to creating learning materials that provide relevance, real-world application, and the highest quality content. Our materials align to state standards, incorporate career exploration and 21st Century Skills, and include strong instructional support to ensure your learners meet desired course outcomes. Many of our programs prepare learners for industry-recognized certifications.

Available for: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook & Access

Media Interactiva

Media Interactiva Logo

For years, Media Interactiva has been one of the companies chosen by leading certification companies worldwide. Media Interactiva is known for its extensive knowledge in the development of educational materials and tests, creating replicas or software simulations, and are committed to increasing the impact of student performance evaluations. Using linear elements, Media Interactiva can evaluate knowledge about a subject theoretically, while simulations measure a candidate’s performance and abilities pertaining to specific applications.

Moore Solutions

Moore Solutions Logo

The MSi curriculum is designed to address the needs of the K-12 and higher-ed classrooms. The curriculum aligns to industry certification exam objectives and can be cross-walked to your State course frameworks. The curriculum is:

  • Engaging
  • Hands-on
  • User-friendly

Teachers can be up and running quickly. Students are assessed every step of the way reducing exam day surprise. Grades can be exported from the LMS into your school district or institution grade book. The courses are delivered through our Learning Management System (LMS). The curriculum lives in the cloud, so teachers can assign homework to students’ even if they don’t have the course software on their home computers.

Available for: Word, Excel, PowerPoint,& Outlook

B.E. Publishing

B.E. Publishing LogoFor over 20 years, B.E. Publishing has made CTE (Career & Technical Education) its passion. B.E. Publishing’s mission is to provide a seamless classroom experience, helping teachers teach and learners learn. Their courseware is 100% aligned to the skills assessed in the Microsoft Office Specialist Certification exams and includes hands-on lessons delivered via digital and print format.

Success stories

Microsoft Office Specialist certification is a global phenomenon. All around the world, in dozens of countries, people are getting certified through Certiport. Students who earn MOS certifications have been shown to earn higher GPAs, graduate at a higher rate, and get higher-paying jobs. The Microsoft Office Specialist Program also helps educational institutions raise the bar on their performance.

But don’t take our word for it.

Check out the collection of global success stories that we have gathered which show just how impactful the Microsoft Office Specialist certification can be in transforming the lives of people who are either offering certifications or earning the credentials for themselves.

Changing the Face of IT

Silicon Valley. Seattle. London. Bangalore. All of these cities are recognized as some of the largest IT hubs in the world. Is it possible that Cary, North Carolina will be added to this list? It will if former MOS US National Championship competitor, Ali Khan, has anything to say about it. Ali, a Cary, NC native, competed in the MOS US National Championship three years in a row, 2013, 2014, and 2015. He earned two bronze and one silver medal over the three years. His drive and certifications have now taken him to places most students can only dream about.

Triple Major

Certiport: Ali, thanks so much for sharing your story with us. We’re so excited about all your amazing opportunities. Tell us about where you’re studying for school.
Ali: Currently, I’m a junior at Purdue University, triple majoring in Computer Science, Data Science, and Applied Statistics.
Certiport: Wow! A triple major is no small task. How do you manage that?
Ali: School takes up a lot of time, but I still find time for fun. I’m a huge “Game of Thrones” fan. I spend my days binge watching “Game of Thrones” on a very regular basis. I also love to play basketball. I joined Purdue’s intramural basketball organization, so I play very often.

Software in Seattle

Certiport: Glad you’re keeping a balance. Did you get to have some fun this last summer?
Ali: I actually didn’t take too much time off because I was completing an internship at Amazon headquarters in Seattle, Washington. I was a Software Engineering intern and created a mobile app that Amazon is currently working on to put into production. I loved my experience there, and my certifications really helped with receiving the internship and with daily tasks. My recruiter was really interested in my certifications.

I was a Software Engineering intern and created a mobile app that Amazon is currently working on to put into production. I loved my experience there, and my certifications really helped with receiving the internship and with daily tasks. My recruiter was really interested in my certifications.

– Ali Khan –

Career Success with Certification

Certiport: That’s so awesome that the recruiter was interested in your MOS certifications. How else do you feel your certifications have helped you?
Ali: My Microsoft certifications have really helped my career and educational goals. Throughout my college experience, I have had to use Microsoft Suite to complete assignments, and having the skill set that these certifications provide really helped making tasks easier. The certifications have boosted my career a lot too. I have received a lot of interviews with tech companies who love to hear about my certifications and my stories from the competition. I even got to do a lot of freelancing last year. There is a huge demand for students who know Microsoft Suite, especially Excel. Database management is a very important skill, and many people will pay a lot of money to people who possess these skills.

Giving Back

Certiport: How amazing that you’ve been able to have so many career-building opportunities while you’re still in college. What’s your plan for after you graduate?
Ali: My plans after college are to pursue Software Engineering at a tech company. I also hope to start my own non-profit that focuses on providing an education for underprivileged students. I have done a lot of volunteering in schools, where I teach students because they would not have the resources to learn certain subjects, like Computer Science, otherwise. I hope to continue this work when I graduate.

Advice for the Future

Certiport: That’s so great that you’re working hard to pay it forward. Thanks so much for sharing your story! You’re an awesome inspiration to students around the world. One more question for you, would you recommend competing in the MOS Championship to other students?
Ali: Absolutely! Throughout my three years at the competition, I made a lot of really good friends. A few others went to the competition multiple years in a row too, so it was always really nice meeting these familiar faces, as well as the new competitors. We always had a really good team. Certiport did an excellent job with making sure that the competition was also very fun. I have so many great memories from competing, and the opportunities that have come from my experience have been phenomenal.

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