Microsoft Certified Educator (MCE)

Close the educational technology skills gap

The Microsoft Certified Educator Program is a professional development program that bridges the gap between technology skills and innovative teaching. Educators holding a Microsoft Certified Educator certification can prove they have the skills needed to provide rich, customized learning experiences for their students that incorporate critical 21st century skills using Microsoft tools. Benefits of implementing the Microsoft Certified Educator professional development and certification program at your institution include:

  • Ensures faculty/staff have basic understanding of Microsoft Education tools
  • Ensures faculty/staff can demonstrate how to successfully incorporate 21st century into lessons
  • Ensures faculty/staff know which Microsoft Education tools can support which specific 21st century skills
  • Provides access to free effective professional development
  • Provides reliable validation of ICT investments

MCE Program Overview

The full pathway solution to becoming a Microsoft Certified Educator

Through Certiport’s full pathway solution educators can prepare themselves for the Microsoft Certified Educator certification exam with customized eLearning materials, free self-assessments, and the Technology Literacy for Educators certification exam.

Learning materials for the Microsoft Certified Educator certification

Preparing for the Microsoft Certified Educator certification is free

Microsoft provides educators with the tools needed to prepare for the Microsoft Certified Educator exam. To successfully pass this exam, you will want to master the 21CLD curriculum and have a working understanding of a variety of Microsoft tools.

The 21st Century Learning Design provides teachers with clear and practical ways to develop 21st skills using digital technologies with their students. Through a collection of Office Mix Lessons, This collection builds on the research methodology providing a collaborative, practice-based process to help educators transform how they design enriching learning activities for their students.

In the Office 365 Teacher Academy learning path, educators will learn how to become more innovative with cloud-based tools, regardless of the device they use. Educators will also learn how to use basic features of Office 365 including Microsoft Teams, OneNote, Sway, Microsoft Forms, Office Online and OneDrive.

To take advantage of these free resources visit:

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Integrating the Microsoft Certified Educator learning resources and certification exam into teacher training programs or professional development will help instructors gain confidence to leverage new technologies in order to maximize student learning outcomes. Exams can be administered and proctored conveniently by educators on campus with existing computers and at a time that meets their scheduling needs.

Learn more about how to access learning resources for professional development and licensing options.

Take advantage of the resources available to educators

Success stories

Every Microsoft Cerfied Educator has a story of how certification and the journey to achieve it has impacted their lives.

Success inspires success

The Microsoft Certified Educator exam is a reliable and highly demanded assessment of teachers ICT competency that allows institutions in charge of teacher retraining programs to evaluate achieved results and optimize financing.
– Svetlana Avdeeva, National Training Foundation, Russia

Microsoft Certified Educator provides teachers with a globally recognized certification which is focused on the practical integration of ICT into teaching and learning. As a teacher education provider, we are able to offer teachers the opportunity to get recognition for their use of ICT in the classroom.
– Rose Lawlor, Meath Vocational, Education Committee, Ireland


The Certiport resource library is a great place to find more information about our certification programs and learning resources and will be continually updated. The library includes documents and materials to help you understand and share the value of offering and earning a certification.



External objective domains

Please visit the Objective domains page for a complete list of Microsoft Certified Educator (MCE) objective domains.

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